Hotel Rees

Delicious food, a roaring fire, live music & special occasions!


Open 7 Days a Week.


We has a large, comfortable bar area with a roaring log fire.
We serve a good choice of real ales, fine wines and a large selection of malt

Pub, Grill, Smokehouse & Deli

In the bar we also serve a wide range of traditional and vegetarian meals, all produced on the premises using fresh local produce. For a special occasion, book a table in the dining room. We can cater for whatever your requirements may be. It seats up to 30 people and can also be used for conferences.

Winter Warmer

Delicious sunday roasts using local meats and fresh produce served all day alongside our stunning grill menu.

Children's menu

Every sunday from our childrens menu, Children eat free up to a maximum of 1 child per adult purchasing a main course from our sunday.

Under 12s Eat Free

Stunning grill menu!


Quiz Night

join us for our fun Pub Quiz!

FREE to enter

Open the Box raffle each week

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Tips on how to Plan a Trip

Vacations and trips are the most important part of anyone’s life and everyone should try and take a vacation every year. So that the mind is refreshed and we are ready for work again. However, planning is a very important part of any trip. One must plan a trip well for it to a good trip. Here are few trips on how to plan a trip.   The initial phase in how to design the ideal get-away is choosing where…

How to Enjoy Bonfire Nights Safely

Though a very joyful experience bonfire nights should be practised pretty safely. Accidents during bonfires happen all the time and one can never be too careful. Here are a few precautions you can take to stay safe during bonfire nights. In case you’re holding a family, bonfire or gathering, ensure you don’t light your bonfire excessively near trees, fences or different structures – they ought to be no less than 18m (60ft) away. You’d be amazed at how rapidly a…

Facelift – Gives A New You And A Great Boost Of Self Esteem

Far more than ever before, folks are turning to sun-soaked Jacksonville for plastic and cosmetic surgery centers to enjoy the age-defying advantages of a facelift – a favorite process which takes decades off a patient’s face. Age-old Procedure Combats Aging A facelift is a kind of plastic surgery which smooth skin lines, firms up tissue and also gets rid of drooping, extra skin. The operation, that has quickly grown in technology and popularity because it was first done in 1901,…

Getting Started on Collecting Old US Postage Stamps

Collecting classic postage stamps is among the most gratifying activities you are able to receive, and also it is a fantastic hobby to show a kid or perhaps grandchild. You are able to get going really easily, and the original startup expenses are not large at all, therefore collecting old postage stamps may be the ideal hobby to help keep you entertained as the price of entertainment will keep skyrocketing. Becoming Started To start collecting stamps you will need a…

Maid Services: The Advantages

  Do you want a helping hand with all of the household chores? Then there are 2 choices – you are able to work with someone on your own and continue for the work or even get in contact and have a maid service to work with a professional. Let us understand the choices and check which you are much better. Hiring an individual is more affordable than employing a maid service. When you would like to cut costs then…

Choose A Good Mattress – Because Shopping For A New One Can Be Confusing

Size, assistance, comfort as well as cost are just a couple things to think about when purchasing a new sleeping set. Picking out the proper size is able to make an impact in the quality of rest you get from a brand new mattress. To begin with, you have to ensure you meet on the mattress and next to that in case you have a sleeping partner that each of you’ve plenty of “personal” room you do not impact each…

How Fire Resistant Doors Can Make Your Home Safe

In days gone by, were you ready to experience a home on fire? It is able to be the most distressing thing to have a building which has caught fire, and even if we’re just seeing, we may really feel how individuals have a tough time getting away from the building once the fire has spread rapidly. Fire will work if used on the proper degree, particularly in the kitchen. Nevertheless, when it arises from accidents because of faulty electrical…

8 Ways To Manage Stress

Several variables, small or big, in the planet, could cause an individual to feel stressed out. It’s not a brand new phrase to come across. We as individuals frequently encounter a tense situation, like a relationship problem, or maybe death associated with a dear one. And it’s absolutely natural, until as well as unless it enables you to carry out all your daily duties as you usually would. What’s Stress? Pressure is only how we respond to scenarios that are…

How To Hit That Ranking In SEO

Thousands (or perhaps millions) of individuals are trying hard to achieve your business every day, but frequently they just cannot be successful. They look to your website for you in the online search engine, but instead they visit those awful competitors of yours who was able to reach the pinnacle of search results page. Question what happens as an outcome. The solution is on the surface: you drop a good amount of prospective clients – and also you do not…

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service Is A Win-Win Choice

It’s really worth looking into an end of tenancy cleaning program, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord. As a landlord, you’ve to plan your apartment for a brand new occupant at any moment your tenant decides to shift to an alternative area. As a tenant, this particular service type is able to help you a great deal in creating a smooth transition. A renter is anticipated to fork over an apartment, home or even rented a home in only…

Why Hire A Mover?

Relocating is a big task especially in case you’re shifting to a new place then it becomes much more complicated. You are able to help make it simple for you by hiring the expertise of the AAA movers moving company. A mover is able to simplify your task to an excellent extent. Let us find out which reasons pressure you to employ a professional mover? Just carry on… Undertake your Burden and reduce your Mess! Shifting from one place to…

Common Tools Used By A Lineman

A lineman may, in addition, be described as being a power line tech, and also their work is difficult. Their usual process would be to create and keep electric power and phone lines. Nevertheless, the duties of a lineman are able to expand to the setup and maintenance of transmission & cable lines. Being a lineman means you’re accountable for outdoor maintenance and installation tasks. Those who do similar task inside buildings belong in the electricians. If perhaps you’re a…

A Brief Introduction To CNC Milling Machines For Beginners

When it relates to fabricating elements, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling devices is among the most crucial CNC machine equipment that is commonly used in numerous industrial businesses. It’s been successfully accustomed boost one’s profitability in addition to efficiency in performing repetitive high difficulty and accuracy milling operations like drilling, slot & keyway cutting and several more, that these activities couldn’t be perhaps accomplished manually over an extended time. Thus, these CNC milling models are a compulsory tool in many…

Benefits and Types Of An Office Partition

Many companies all over the world use partitions like a wood partition wall. They offer privacy to workers in addition to an easy and quick way to change the workspace to install expansion in the future. They’re also less expensive when compared with producing permanent walls. There’s modern partitioning which may be purchased and installed in just an extremely brief time and could last longer. Office partitions are made in several kinds, which includes portable partitions and also glass partitions….