Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Why You Need A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A repeated question asked of the Gun Safe Reviewer is across the lines of “What do I want a dehumidifier for?” This article will ideally reply to those questions, and also deal with the various kinds of humidifiers. I will follow this post up also and tie up loose ends. It’s important to understand why a gun safe dehumidifier is important.

The goal of a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier’s goal is making sure no condensation forms inside the gun safe and, more notably, on your weapons. Condensation is a gun’s serious enemy! It brings about metal to rust and will provide your safe with a horrible, moldy stench you cannot get rid of. Based on where your safe can be found and what your weather is like, condensation is able to form inside a secure as a result of the change in temperature or maybe in areas of humidity that is higher, as well as just how it is able to get from after one day of hunting in snowy or rainy weather.

Gun Safe DehumidifierTypes of Dehumidifiers

In essence, there are two gun types safe dehumidifiers. One type is electric and also the various other is a desiccant.

The desiccant dehumidifier is actually your single option in case your safe is not near an electric outlet (other than stringing electric cords around). A desiccant is simply a sponge that functions as a magnet for drinking water. Like a sponge that has been wrung out, the desiccant usually has to be wrung out (or dried out) after it is complete. This may be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, based on the brand and climate in the safe. Desiccants will be dried out in your oven to be re used again and again.

The electric dehumidifier is regarded as the well-liked dehumidifier. The electric dehumidifier is called the “Golden Rod” which heats approximately around 140 degrees. Its goal is keeping the heat very high enough therefore any water within the secure evaporates, therefore preventing condensation. Many of these sorts are an 18″ rod which may be mounted on the floor or maybe a wall of your respective safe. These devices are typically installed. The power cord on these devices is removable which means you are able to string it through your secure and plug it in. Some electrically powered dehumidifiers possess a flexible body which may be bent and contoured to much better suit your secure along with fit in corners. It is a great option for tight spaces.

Me personally, I like using both, by having a desiccant in case the energy goes out.

Please let me know in case you’ve some questions or you need any advice on gun secure dehumidifiers.