Tips on How to Travel Without a Credit Card

There’s still that common misconception going around that you can’t travel without a credit card, and having a debit card won’t save you from that either. This is 2019; everything is possible. If having a credit card for the sake of traveling is still a thing, then listed below are some alternative ways on how to fly without owning one. Let’s have a look!
Airlines Accept Debit Cards
In case you’re living in a cave, most airlines today now accept debit cards as a form of payment for your flight tickets. Just go into your preferred airline site, book a flight, choose a payment method, and select debit card. It’s that simple!

Hotels Too

And it isn’t limited to airlines either, but also on hotels as well. Some hotels accept debit card if you prefer paying using it than over the counter. However, keep in mind that hotels may put your card on hold for “incidental” purposes. So make sure that you have extra cash on your account before you travel. This way, you can avoid accidental overdrafts if your account is put on hold.

Car Rentals

Some people still believe that you can’t use a debit card to rent a car. If you still do, then you just debunk an old myth back from the grave. What you can do is to contact your preferred car rental company and ask if they accept debit card as a form of payment. If they do, then you’re good to go. If they don’t, then grab an Uber instead to save yourself from hassle.

International Travel

Traveling overseas will result in extra charges depending on the bank you have registered on. Banks will also add some additional fees if you withdraw money from a different ATM bank. So before you fly outside the country, make sure to visit your bank first and be updated with what kind of special policies they have for international banking.

And that’s all of it. Traveling without a credit card is not impossible. Just don’t let yourself get fooled from that old myth that credit cards are the real deal. With these simple tips and tricks listed above, you can use your debit card anytime, anywhere.