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The Best Places To Travel Alone

Traveling has become a renowned hobby these days. Thanks to advancing technology, booking hotels or flights have become a lot easier and more accessible to many. Moreover, perhaps it is the growing need to unwind and escape from our usual day-to-day stresses. Wherever angle you peek at, traveling is most certainly a must today.

While traveling with family or friends can be fun and exciting, traveling by yourself can also offer a range of benefits. You will learn a lot about yourself and develop a deeper sense of self-love in the process. Whether it’s for moving on from a break-up, leisure or rejuvenating your soul—here are some of the best places to visit for when you want to travel solo.


Located in the Czech Republic, this historical city has beautiful and mystical ancient architecture you should see! It is such a splendid find, the area surrounded by museums, galleries, theaters and lots and lots of music. Plan on going about your day like a local does and you will experience the simpler pleasures that life has to offer.


Bask away and breathe in the stunning scenery. The locals are known to be super hospitable and will make it a point to make your stay extra unique. Go out on an adventure and perhaps watch bears from afar. Be cautious though and always consult a travel guide before you do this.


If you are into historical facts and pieces, this is a top choice for you. We recommend setting aside a day wherein you will wander aimlessly (of course, not too aimlessly—occasionally refer to your GPS as you go). We all know that there are a bunch of tourist spots in Rome, but it’s the hidden treasures that are surely worth the visit.

New York City

Why not? It is the city that never sleeps, after all. If you are more into shopping, this will be the best choice. Experience true Broadway shows, see Times Square and try to climb to the highest level of the Empire State and watch the magnificent view from there. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will surely treasure for all time.


If experiencing a different culture is a top priority for you, Japan is the place to be. Japan is known to hold their culture high, preserving it successfully throughout the years. Talk to polite locals, try out varying dishes, wear a kimono or yukata and join in on one of their festivals—all of this and more will inevitably broaden your perspective.


Last but not the least, the gentle scenery of green fields and natural land formations will rejuvenate your weary self. Ireland is home to tons of historical sites, but really, it is the people and the landscapes which never fail to catch each visitor’s heart. If your priority is merely to relax and behold tranquil views, we suggest you go to Ireland.

Now, if you want to switch moods and go to pubs at night—we recommend you go see live bands. Get to know Irish melodies and fully engage with the jolly and lighthearted atmosphere.

Above all else, always value your safety and security as you travel by yourself. Do some quick research on your phone and be open to restaurant or tourist spot reviews. And beyond all else, have fun and be present all throughout. Have fun!