Metal Roofing Myths vs Reality

Top five metal roofing misconceptions for your reading pleasures!

It’s really intriguing how many individuals are clueless when it involves the fundamental knowledge of metal roofing. Not very long before, I myself had the existing rusty barn roof picture within my thoughts. But these days, after having been associated with metal roofing for six years I’ve created a genuine appreciation for this particular roofing engineering, and I’d love to discuss several of the insights along with you.

After looking at these ideas, you are going to gain a clear understanding and appreciation of metal roofing technologies.

Myth one: Metal roof has a greater risk of obtaining struck by a super.

Reality; No metallic roofing doesn’t improve the risks of your home getting struck by a super. In reality, in case your home does get struck, a metal roof is going to help to dissipate the fee, and also because metallic is noncombustible information, your roof won’t catch fire.

Myth two: Metal roof makes a great deal of sound when it rains.

Reality; You’re almost certainly considering that old cheap metallic roof over the barn which used to seem like a machine gun rush when it’s raining… Modern metal roofing is generally fitted over plywood, sound sheathing, or even over your current roof. It is going to make no additional noise than a typical asphalt shingle roof. Often metal roof is going to be quieter than a nonmetallic roof and can shield the noise from bad weather conditions and rainfall.

Myth three: Metal roofing costs a great deal of money.

Reality; It might seem as it does, though it actually doesn’t! You will be amazed, but the metal roof will in fact costs under the asphalt shingle roof in case you remain in your own home long enough. Not merely will it increase the importance of your house, though it’ll also enable you to save some money on cooling costs. Metal roofing is able to result in up to fifty % savings in energy bills during summer months. And lastly, the metal roof might well be the final roof you’ll actually need to use in your home. Ever! Provided you get an excellent system from a professional metal roofing contractor. See from this hypothetical model of the price of metal roofing vs. the asphalt shingle roof, originating from a homeowner’s standpoint. You can find every information you’ll need about where to find roofing contractors at

Myth four: Metal Roof is prone to rust.

Reality; Modern metal roofing should last for years. Steel metal roofing features a metal covering protection layer created using aluminum or zinc, which is bonded with the steel after which painted with a top quality paint created to resist the most difficult abuse from weather that is bad, and also supply the appealing color and also looks that homeowners need.

Myth five: Metal Roof is vulnerable to dents.

Reality; Modern metal roofs are designed to withstand many years of abuse from severe weather like hail, snow, and intense winds. Hail won’t dent a metallic roof, as well as very high winds, aren’t a risk either, as many contemporary metal roofing methods are rated for 120mph winds. In reality, metal roofs perform very well within the hurricane. It’s not uncommon to find out the metal roof without any damage, alongside naked regular roofs with lost all its plywood and shingles in a hurricane.

As I was writing these five metal roofing myths, still an additional metal roof myth found my brain! This single is a bonus! Remember to love!

Bonus Myth: You can’t stroll on the metal roof without destroying it.

Reality; While you should really take all of the necessary precautions before venturing away for a stroll on a rooftop, metal roofs are totally walkable. I’d suggest using running shoes including Asics since they are going to provide very good traction on your foot when on the top. Stay away from walking on your top when it’s raining as you can simply slip and fall. Rule of thumb is staying off the roof each time its surface is moist. Speak to your roofing contractor for special methods on how you can walk on the metallic roof they’ve installed.