Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana – A Key Contributor To Dual Diagnosis

The Centers for Prevention and Disease Control (CDC) cites marijuana as a serious public health issue in the United States. Its use has increased 30 fold during the last twenty years, and also it’s believed that over a quarter of the American public has worn it.

One of the more dreaded results of marijuana abuse is it’s connected to psychological problems as schizophrenia and therefore precipitates dual diagnosis. Several key centers, as the two diagnosis facilities, think of cases where psychological problems as schizophrenia base from misuse of marijuana or cannabis. Talk to a qualified expert who can prescribe medicinal cannabis to you.

Medical MarijuanaA report titled Psychosis/Schizophrenia and “cannabis: human studies,” published initially in 2009, revealed that “cannabinoids are able to generate a complete selection of transient schizophrenia-like good, negative, and cognitive symptoms in several healthful individuals.” It further reported that for individuals who currently have a mental disorder, misuse of marijuana will surely exacerbate their problems.

Marijuana or cannabis has got the home of altering belief and contains amnesic effects. These effects make it hard for the user to remember events. In order to help make it even worse, marijuana is often-used along with various other things that may lead to overdose. Individuals with emotional problems as schizophrenia typically abuse marijuana as self-medication, which just magnifies the issue.

Based on a different study, normal cannabis consumption, particularly at an earlier age, demonstrates to be a huge risk factor for developing schizophrenia later in life. Nevertheless, it couldn’t build a certain relation between the disorder along with substance abuse. The analysis – Cannabis misuse and mind morphology in schizophrenia: an evaluation of the available evidence – states, “While there’s a bit of evidence that persistent cannabis abuse might alter mind morphology in schizophrenia in people continuing their cannabis usage, there’s simply no convincing proof that this particular modification happens before the coming of schizophrenia when considering first episode patients.”

The study concluded that merely the blend and “well-designed studies of neurophysiological techniques and brain imaging will start the doors to brand new possibilities for the exploration of these critical questions.”

Ceasing using Marijuana Has Its Benefits

Substance abuse in people with schizophrenia is extremely common, and the reality cannot be denied. It’s emerged as probably the most common comorbid psychiatric condition related to schizophrenia, often resulting in an unfavorable condition course.

Some other scientific studies also have recommended that not utilizing marijuana at all or even using it just past the adolescent phase may substantially delay and even stop the occurrence of schizophrenia in folks. Not taking care of marijuana might potentially cause relapses in schizophrenia individuals, prolonged hospitalization and also worsen symptoms.

For people who currently have psychotic disorders, using marijuana is able to worsen the circumstances, worsening the problem more. Hence, an emotional patient is encouraged to stop marijuana that will somewhat help the situation. Seeking assistance is a prudent choice for those that find it hard to stop smoking. In such a scenario, dual diagnosis therapy is definitely the most desirable answer. It includes a 2 pronged therapy by managing the psychological state and also dealing with the substance abuse issue concurrently.