Five Tips to Get the Best Flight Deals to Europe This Summer

Scoring the best flight deals during off-season poses no challenge. However, everything can change during peak season where flight prices are soaring high and hotel rooms are getting luxurious price points. If you want to travel to Europe during the summer, there is still a chance to get the most affordable deals as possible by following the tips we’ve tailored for budget-conscious people just like you. Continue reading to find out.

  1. Buy in Advance

  • Time is running out and the competition is high. To find the best flight deals to Europe during peak season such as summer, then you have to buy in advance before it gets out of stock. If you plan to fly during holidays such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, then the best airline fares can be obtained three weeks prior to these dates.
  • Let your airline company send you notifications and alerts whenever you check their sites. They are your lifesaver when it comes to finding the cheapest flight deals.
  1. Travel During Cheaper Months

  • Airline fares to Europe are way more affordable when you book on the edges of summer, the first week of June, or during the mid-August. Months such as May and August are where flights are having huge price drops according to
  1. Book During the Prime Booking Window
  • In case you don’t know it yet, the “prime booking window” is from four months to three weeks before departure. During this timeframe, flight deals to Europe are incredibly cheap and you have take your chances to book during this period if you want to save cash.
  1. Fly to a Less Popular Airport

  • You can save big when you fly to lesser known airports in less-visited cities such as Edinburgh and Prague. Airports play an important role in traveling as there are some airlines that cost more and others who costs less.
  1. Fly During Weekdays

  • If you have the time, it’s better to fly during weekdays as flights are more affordable during this time compared to weekends. And also, when booking for flights, don’t forget to check on fare calendars to see which days has the cheapest flights for both departure and returning.