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10 Foods You Absolutely Must Try In Hawaii

It is already common knowledge that Hawaii is filled with lots of marvelous beaches, adventurous hikes, and the lovely warm weather. But people should also know that tourists keep returning to the tropical state for its awesome local food.

With cultural diversity comes the budding of a wide variety of food types which you should definitely try when you come to visit. Below we will be enumerating the top ten foods to try in Hawaii.

1 – Spam Musubi

Probably hailed as the most popular dish from Hawaii, it is steaming white rice and spam enveloped in dried seaweed (nori). It is also the most convenient to get, in my opinion. McDonald’s in Hawaii even has this on their menu! You could also eat this for breakfast or lunch. Simply head to 7/11 and you will get the opportunity to taste it. And mind you, you really will not regret it.

2 – Poke

Do you consider yourself a huge seafood fan? If the answer is yes (if no, still I recommend you give it a try), this is the best dish for you! It is fresh ahi tuna served over brown or white rice. There is also a variety of flavors you can choose from. Hungry after swimming at the beach? Grab this one for a quick grub.

3 – Hawaiian Food

The most traditional food of all, this dish features Kalua Pork, Haupia, Lomi Lomi Salmon, and a lot more on top of hot rice! Mouth-watering, right? They are usually served in restaurants across Hawaii. I suggest you try the many ways it’s prepared for ultimate satisfaction!

4 – Garlic Shrimp

The North Shore is well known particularly for the yummy Garlic Shrimp plates they serve. It’s sautéed garlic with buttered shrimp on top of steamed brown or white rice. The mere thought of it already makes me crave it! They can also be served with fresh pineapple, lemon, or salad. For maximum experience, I encourage you to eat with your hands!

5 – Loco Moco

Creamy gravy over (yet again) steaming rice. No, it does not end there. It also comes with thick hamburger patties and sunny-side-up eggs. It’s a remarkably divine dish to try! Don’t worry, because most restaurants serve this luscious dish.

6 – Zippy’s

Hailed as the most popular local restaurant across Hawaii, Zippy’s serves a ton of diverse and tempting cuisine. They have chili frank plates, and Korean Chicken too! I recommend you try their “plate lunch” more than once; tourists have said themselves that the experience is surely a cherry on top for their vacation.

7 – Shave Ice

Now, since the weather in Hawaii is mostly warm, this is the best go-to dessert/snack for when you are craving to cool off. It is shaved ice abundantly covered in sweet syrup. There are tons of syrup flavor options to choose from—guava, lilikoi, pineapple, coconut, etc. The shaved ice can also be served with condensed milk or ice cream.

8 – Malasadas

Originally from the Portuguese, this deep-fried soft doughnut (minus the hole) is covered with li hing mui or sugar. They can also have flavorful fillings such as chocolate, custard, or coconut. They are best eaten while they’re hot!

9 – Li Hing Mui

While it isn’t necessarily a meal, it’s known to blend with many types of food—making them a lot more flavorful and unique. It is ground plum skin powder with salt, food coloring, and sugar. It blends perfectly with pineapple, malasadas, shave ice, mango, and so on. Honestly, you can put it on everything!

10 – Acai Bowl

Consider this one as your go-to food for when you are touring around Hawaii. It is acai berry mix paired with fruits of your choice, honey, and granola. Imagine all of this in one bowl! Tasty, indeed.

There you have it, the top ten foods you definitely should try when visiting Hawaii! Without a doubt, you will truly enjoy the tropical weather more if you give these dishes a go. Have fun!